Friday, 28 March 2014

Orwellian Quote of the Week

 [The public wants to see] ... a regime that is more spartan unless you do the right thing.
from the UK justice minister, on banning books in prisons.

Thursday, 27 March 2014

Tuesday, 18 March 2014

Hell on Earth

Did that sink in? I guess not. Allow me to extrapolate a little.

Once the NSA has control of a target's life, every one else can join in. Harassment and torture manuals are readily available online, and most methods can be implemented cheaply. Tell your friends on Twitter and Facebook! Every one knows that so and so is a creep, don't they? Yes, any one at all can be targeted this way. A TI's world no longer matches the average reality, by construction, and the psychiatrists are easily convinced that the TI needs to be locked up. And we haven't even begun to discuss the details of the psychological and physical torture that goes along with gang stalking.

This world is here. And I was foolish enough to think that the injustice of oppression was argument enough against the hierarchy system. This is a far superior argument. If humanity does not learn to be more discerning and less judgmental, every last person on earth ends up in their personal virtual hell, and this outcome seems to be inevitable at this point in time. Because the top down system is built upon the idea that minions obey orders, without question. One does not need to consider the consequences.

Monday, 17 March 2014

Supersymmetry in the CMB

Oh all right, then. One short post about the tensor mode results, assuming they are correct.

The most interesting thing about r being around 0.2 is the indication of some supersymmetric unification scale. But bearing in mind the null results from the LHC, direct detection DM experiments, and more, theory must seriously consider alternative types of supersymmetry, especially considering the fact that the twistor SM does just this. The tensor mode results, if true, are particularly interesting for people who follow Penrose's favourite classical model, because they are unexpected in that context (we were always ambivalent because in the quantum theory the effective GUT theory is 'strictly emergent').

Now consider that scale ratios, in the quantum mass operator phenomenology, are built from (dimensionless) mutually unbiased bases. The norm square of these gadgets always goes with the dimension of the information space. So, roughly speaking, we would be looking for a factor of 5 to account for the r ~ 0.2. As in 120/24 or 240/48 (eg. the orders of the permutation groups S5 and S4). But rather than hypothesising spin 2 gravitons, we might stick to a spin 1/2 theory (neutrinos, people) which allows us to invert the ratio r in a number of ways. So much to think about!

A Connected World

Read the next paragraph carefully. I want to convey some sense of what life is like in hell. I have constructed the following paragraph so that each sentence is non controversial. Join the dots.

The NSA, its contractors, allies, advisors, academic colleagues, friends in government, and other colleagues is able to track anyone on earth, 24/7, pretty much anywhere, perhaps with a tracking device, their phone or laptop, or something else. Now imagine that someone is a target. Every time they sit at a computer or pick up a phone, any phone, professional hackers can ensure that ... must go ...

Anyone who wants to read about the discovery of tensor modes, please see Resonaances and elsewhere for the BICEP2 results. (we do not have to think of tensor modes in the CMB as conventional gravitational waves, despite what you read in the news).

Sunday, 16 March 2014

Not Me

I did not delete my old blogs. Perhaps they are not deleted on your version of the internet, but they are on mine this morning. Of course, I am not surprised. I thought it would happen a long time ago, but I guess they have only just decided it is too dangerous. Bit late though. It is all on record.

All right, I'm a bit stressed, now that I understand the full extent of the hacking. Yes, the full extent. But it will take a while for it to sink in. And it will probably take even longer to explain it to people. A soldier's fight never ends.